Tattooer of <Blooming Ink Studio> in Fukuoka, Japan. I've been tattooing and travelling for almost 7 years. From starting my tattoo carer ino South Korea, through New Zealand and now happily based in Japan. I'm strongly focus on Realism, Polynesian, Color works with a large scale works. But always enjoying custom tattoos too. For appointments please use the contact form at the bottom of this page...

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After Art® stands apart from the competition, its the ONLY aftercare with Mānuka.

Our Product is infused with a concentrated extract that comes from New Zealand's native Mānuka tree.  Mānuka has been at the center of the healing process since the art of Tattooing was brought to the Western World.

We use Mānuka because of its strong natural anti-bacterial qualities.  This is critical in the healing process of a Tattoo as newly inked skin is subject to the elements and at risk of infection.  Our Mānuka infused After Art®defends against harmful bacteria while nourishing your skin.

Our combination of natural ingredients results in a healthier more vibrant Tattoo. 



For appointments please email at

Please include a brief description of your ideas, the placement and size of the tattoo,

any images you have and where you are based if outside of Japan.


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