Tattooer of <Blooming Ink Studio> in Fukuoka, Japan. I've been tattooing and travelling for almost 7 years. From starting my tattoo carer in South Korea, through New Zealand and now happily based in Japan. I'm strongly focus on Realism, Mosaic flow and Cover-up with a large scale works. But always enjoying custom tattoos too. For appointments please use the contact form at the bottom of this page...

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the work!



どうやって連絡出来ますか?How can I contact you?

2.ご希望の日時を教えてください。(例:○月第○週に) 3.見やすい距離から撮った写真を添付し​​てください。 そして、その写真の中にタトゥーを入れたいサイズと部位に⭕️を描いてください。
4.予約の為には1万円の予約保証金が必要です。詳しい支払い方法は連絡ください。 Please send me all Inquries or Bookings at Contact me or 1. A brief but detailed discription of you want. Reference image or simple sketch of what's the style of you wanting. 2. Preferred date 3. Please attached a picture of yourself from a good distance. And draw circle ⭕️ on the image of your desired size and placement. 4. Appointment require a ¥10,000 Deposit for Secure your Date and Design.

予約と予約金について Deposit? Appointment?

予約のためには10,000円が予約金として必要になります。予約金はBlooming Ink Studio(福岡市博多区吉塚7-1-2 吉塚東福ビル101)で払うか、 PayPal ( に入金してください。Paypalで払う場合は、手数料が¥1,000円必要ですので¥11,000円になります。 - 予約金は返金できません。 - デザインは訪問してのみ確認できます。メール等では送信出来ません。 - もし、1回以上デザインを変える場合は、もう1度予約金が必要になります。 - 万が一、予約の日に来れない場合は48時間以内に教えてください。予約当日に来ない場合も、予約金は返金できませんので注意してください。 For Appointment..

You can drop the ¥10,000 deposit at Blooming Ink studio (101 7-1-2 Yoshizuka Hakata-ku Fukuoka, Japan)

Or you can deposit it via our PayPal account ( however there is an additional ¥1,000 Booking fee for PayPal payment. If you choose to use PayPal please make sure its ¥11,000 in total.
- Deposit is Non Refundable. - You can available to check your design on the studio only - If you want to change your date/time or unable to come when your appointment, Please let us know before 48 hours your booking otherwise you will lose your Deposit. - We not recommend too much changes of the design for Artist's freedom. - If you want change the design more then once, you have to paid deposit again.

値段は幾らですか?How much you charge for tattoo?

タトゥーの値段は当日決まりますが、目安の料金は以下になります。 1時間      2万円
6時間(1日作業) 9万円


タトゥーは永遠の物です。最高のタトゥーを得て下さい。 If the tattoo will be completed in one session we will give you a quote for that piece. For larger ongoing work we usually use the time frame of Half Day (3 hours) at $55,000 or full day (6 hours) at ¥90,000. If you want to do ongoing work in smaller sessions you can discuss this during your consult and these are usually priced at ¥20,000 per hour. It’s worth noting at this point that the hourly rate should be amongst the last of your questions, not your first. Having a budget in mind is fine but you will find the best artists all have similar rates, and it is the less experienced artists who offer cheap deals. Not only do you receive an inferior tattoo but it usually takes longer, and winds up being more expensive in the long-run. Of course get the tattoo you can afford but choose the artist on their skills and experience. Tattoos are forever, wear the best.

施術をする前は?What should I do before my tattoo?

Just be fresh, well rested and well fed. You will find it easier to relax the more energy you have. Which makes it a better experience for you AND the artist.

施術後は?What about after?




いつも清潔にして下さい。 Remove wrap after a minimum of two hours (longer is fine), when you remove the wrap wash well with warm soapy water, repeat a few times for the first 24 hours and always pat dry with a clean towel. After 24 hours just shower normally but start applying a minimal amount of our after care cream. (just enough is enough) and only when the tattoo is dry. Repeat twice a day until healed. No swimming or soaking in water and keep out of the sun. Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo and keep it clean.

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After Art® stands apart from the competition, its the ONLY aftercare with Mānuka.

Our Product is infused with a concentrated extract that comes from New Zealand's native Mānuka tree.  Mānuka has been at the center of the healing process since the art of Tattooing was brought to the Western World.

We use Mānuka because of its strong natural anti-bacterial qualities.  This is critical in the healing process of a Tattoo as newly inked skin is subject to the elements and at risk of infection.  Our Mānuka infused After Art®defends against harmful bacteria while nourishing your skin.

Our combination of natural ingredients results in a healthier more vibrant Tattoo. 



At the moment, I don't have a plan for visit in over seas.

But it will be coming soon!


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